Pho-tober Day 17, 18 & 19


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Day Seventeen ‘Fruit’

day 17 fruit

Day Eighteen ‘Made You Smile today’

day 18 something that made you smile

I remember a project for college, we had to produce images that showed imperfections… I remember looking at the stalks of crop that had grown away from the rest of the field ( probably seeds that has blown in the wrong direction. It got me thinking are these little stalks not as perfect as the rest? cause they aren’t in the right place, not in the crowd of crop.

Day Nineteen ‘Letters’

day 19 letters

It’s a digital age and email seems the easier way, we do send letter now and again but the postal service has let us down on occasion so we try and email instead.

Once Upon A Sunday … 13th October 2013


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A week when I got to experience a winter beach. The emptiness that should have been filled with an eerie silence that was the non holiday season was in fact not the case… the crashing of bitter waves and wild wind was now the character the coast took on.

As I remember I read a lot during this adventure which is something I didn’t feel right doing at home since this time last year the pressure of finding a job took up a lot of my time.

Visiting places out of season does have an appeal to be, not sure if it’s just cause I want to be different and not follow the winter crowds in to cities where coffee and hot drinks is never in short supply.

It was a good little break.



P.S. sorry its a week late… i’m rubbish… that is all.

Tie Knot-er

So when did the idea of tying a guys tie become so romanticized. Call me crazy, so many people do, but you are just tying a knot… hah tying a knot, the knot. Am I reading too much in to this?

In so many films and tv shows you see the doting wife helping her husband with his tie and as prehistoric as it sounds i’d quite like to be the fingers that complete the knot.

It may be because i’m watching ‘Chalet Girl’ and Ed Westwick is quite good looking or I like the idea of being relied upon to help with this small task. I’d like to be able to put in my vows ” I’ll always be here to tye your tie” somewhere in between hand holder and I love you.

Call me a dreamer and hopeless romantic but I couldn’t care less cause i’m not the only one….may have just elaborated a famous song.


Fill Up Your Cup… OCT 2014

It’s late I know… sorry.

Sight: GIRLS

It’s not new I know but it’s been on my to watch list for a while and finally has time last week to sit and watch a few episodes of season one… guys i’m hooked. It’s so honest, i’m a huge fan of Lena Dunham anyway and the show just hits on topics that a lot of programs don’t seem to hit on, not in my opinion anyway.


Total motivational music right here, again stumbled upon on 8Tracks this tune is a regular repeat when editing.



Guys it’s officially Autumn in the Shire, leaves are falling and the misty mornings are common. A mixture of dew, wet soil are delivered in to my nose via crisp air… ( Homer Simpson noises right here) Someone bottle the smell please, they need to make this as an air freshener… i’d buy it.

Taste: Biscotti

This simple biscuit that lasts for ages has allowed me to get my creativity back in the kitchen… the crazy amounts of variations of flavors and textures that can be incorporated into it are almost endless. A very customizable biscuit that goes great with coffee on a rainy autumn afternoon.


Yes that familiar warmth and woolen texture has started to appear in my wardrobe again.  I packed away the summer dressed and the jumpers and long sleeved shirts have moved in until the Jack Frost goes on holiday.

Also Beanies and hats, get ready it’s almost time for you to be permanently on my head.




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