Once Upon A Sunday 28th July 2013


I will always still be learning, like everyone else each day i’ll get something wrong although some days it may only be to watch out for the plug on the floor or check the milk is in date before you pour it over cereal.

Ok so sometimes things won’t be that simple, lessons maybe a tad bigger and take longer than a day to learn; but i’m fine with that… on occasion, but patience is a quality that I know takes years to master even people of the older generation seem to lack it sometimes.




(Also growing sunflowers again this year and they are almost 3 feet tall… WIN!)

Once Upon A Sunday 21st July 2013


Routine is good and although I had a period of time where this routine and organization stopped, i’m back on track now; like I was this time last year. However this time around it looks like its going to last longer than til the end of the summer.

This I think shows growth, one more step over that door frame in to adult life…  although like last year I still feel the urge to spin in a summer dress every now and again.

What? I maybe moving away from childhood but it’s only a short distance behind me.


Once Upon A Sunday….. July 14th 2013

Previous to this Sunday I had taken that final step and graduated from university; the freedom that I should have felt was not surfacing… I was worried that this state of in between was going to last longer than it was welcome.

Looking back on it I realise that I wanted to start living but couldn’t help but stay in the past, cling to those things that although I had outgrown still needed as a safety net.

I think subconsciously I was scared of what was next; I knew where I wanted to go but couldn’t seem to take the next step, maybe I didn’t know how to lift my foot off the ground or which direction to place it.

Who knows…

All I know now is i’m in a place where I never thought i’d be, in a job that didn’t even occur to me that i’d be doing.

I still go back now and again but I know how to let go now…. well sometimes.


Once Upon A Sunday…

This time last year I started a video project called ‘Once Upon A Sunday’ where I filmed and uploaded a video every Sunday. it was a way to reflect on the week and also break-up the weeks of what seemed like an endless veg season.

It was my first series and I had no idea if I was going to stick to it, or for how long. I did the last one 19th Jan 2014, not sure why I think I just felt at the time I was a little lost, still job hunting and finding life a little stressful. Maybe I should have used the weekly videos to conquer and cure the lost feeling but I didn’t.

Each week i’m going to share one of the videos and compare to whats going on now… i’m a little late starting and today should be my third video post… ( I only thought of it today ok)

So here is the first video… an introduction to summer and what not.



I’ve been trying to find a word for what today haze been like in my head. You know those days when you aren’t at one end of the scale of emotion or the other….

I got back from a photo job around 1pm, edited the images and then cleaned up my desktop a little since it had become a little cluttered. This is how I came across this image, taken in march when the ash cloud covered the skies for a few days. Like most people I wasn’t keen on the continuous overcast feel and well haze…. I was praying there would be a break at some point.

This is what i’ve felt like, hazy, unclear and almost colourless in the ways of emotion, not blue, red, pink, yellow or green… i’m just listing colours here but I guess they can all relate to some feeling in that rainbow of emotion.

Although, while taking photos in the wood for Oaker I became kind of entranced by the trees against the dusty sky; so I guess there is beauty even in the negatives.


A Girl in search of a ……

Liz was a women in search of a word in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’… I on the other hand am looking for something with lots of words and maybe a catching melody…

I am a girl in search of a Theme Tune.

I watch all tv shows with women who have their theme tunes of empowerment, confusion, fun and humor.

Now I know these shows are fictional and the song in constructed or used because it is best suited for the major plot line and character.. but damn it I would like a tune to stroll down the street, type up a mystery or be me to.

I’ve played a lot of those ipod games.. you know the one where you put the entire library on shuffle and each song, no matter what it is coincides with a moment in your life as a movie or something along those lines. These games got me thinking about what music I would like to be the soundtrack of me, hence this post.

Now, I could go down the route of ‘Small Town Girl’ by Kellie Pickler… or maybe the I don’t care feel of an Avril Lavigne song, but the truth is my mood changes along with my persona of being a nice country girl or the rebel without a clue. Also my vast taste in music and stupidly big itunes library really doesn’t help much.

Also my taste will change throughout my life… and so will I. My life experiences would have been added to and with that my views and opinions alter slightly.. so maybe I can’t narrow a theme tune down and even if I do it will be different next year… and the next year…. and when i’m sitting outside watching the sunset with my 70 year old eyes.



Continued writing of this post 3 days later after i’ve thought about it a bit more…. I have it guys… I have it.  For now… while I am the oldish age of 24 my theme tune will be….


My reason is that at the moment I feel there is so much out there and everyday i’m hitting territory that is well Uncharted…

Hope you all enjoy your weekends.



Morning everyone,


I Went down to feed the chickens this morning, chucked the food in and started  to trundle through the overgrown-ness to collect the eggs.

Although something didn’t seem right… Slightly off … I look around to see one of the two cockerels (kelloggs) standing alone watching me.

His feathers were up on his neck.. he looked like a punk rocker. His wings started to flap…. I Was out of there in an instant.

Anyway told mother and apparantly he’d done the same to her and had been scrapping with the other cockerel for a while… Long story short one of veg pickers is now getting ingredients for coq o vin tonight.

Oh country life.



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