Pho-tober Day 24, 25, 26


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Day 24 ‘weather’

Make up your mind Autumn… Rain or shine

day 25 ‘ People’

The joys of waiting for visiting hours to start…. after a day of walking, laughing, planning, thinking and being 20 something. My eyes seemed wider today and more was creeping in, settling in my mind.

Did you know 93% of your worries don’t happen.. this weekend I have not had a chance to let the panic set in, the flow took me and to be honest I like the feeling of floating down the river and taking things in…. and if anyone tries to throw a rock to sink me, i’ll just push it off and leave it stuck in the riverbed while I float on past.

day 26 ‘Listening to’

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 22.56.09

Well the rain came down and it soaked my shoes
It’s a whiney little English boy singing the blues
I got a head full up of problems that I ain’t gonna fix

Pho-tober Day 20


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day 20 – 4 o’clock


In all honesty this was not taken at 4pm today it was taken earlier as around that time I was saying goodbye to a someone I consider family even if we didn’t share the same blood. He loved cameras and talked my ear off at every family event. So understand that this was taken before hand, imagine grass instead of carpet and if your imagination is good add a couple of rain drops on my shoes.

Pho-tober Day 17, 18 & 19


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Day Seventeen ‘Fruit’

day 17 fruit

Day Eighteen ‘Made You Smile today’

day 18 something that made you smile

I remember a project for college, we had to produce images that showed imperfections… I remember looking at the stalks of crop that had grown away from the rest of the field ( probably seeds that has blown in the wrong direction. It got me thinking are these little stalks not as perfect as the rest? cause they aren’t in the right place, not in the crowd of crop.

Day Nineteen ‘Letters’

day 19 letters

It’s a digital age and email seems the easier way, we do send letter now and again but the postal service has let us down on occasion so we try and email instead.

Once Upon A Sunday … 13th October 2013


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A week when I got to experience a winter beach. The emptiness that should have been filled with an eerie silence that was the non holiday season was in fact not the case… the crashing of bitter waves and wild wind was now the character the coast took on.

As I remember I read a lot during this adventure which is something I didn’t feel right doing at home since this time last year the pressure of finding a job took up a lot of my time.

Visiting places out of season does have an appeal to be, not sure if it’s just cause I want to be different and not follow the winter crowds in to cities where coffee and hot drinks is never in short supply.

It was a good little break.



P.S. sorry its a week late… i’m rubbish… that is all.


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