…..back from a short hiatus.


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Hey Lovelys

I am so sorry for the lack of posts in the last week or two, been ever so busy cause I went and got myself one of those jobs things..(Pause for applause)

Yes indeedy I am now a Web editor meaning I handle the websites and social media of a company… this company is mainly  medical training and retail, but i’m not going to go too much in to that cause of reasons. Just finished my 2nd week, I work three days a week which allows me to hopefully once I get in to the swing of things to write more articles and stuff relating to a project i’m working on, upload posts on here and maybe make some videos.

I am currently house sitting and it’s really quiet, which I thought i’d like since I crave the house to myself sooo much when i’m at home. Gotta be honest its a little eerie and weird, maybe it’s because there isn’t a dog in the house, just a cat that keeps itself to itself.

On the plus side I don’t feel like i’m being antisocial for sticking my headphones in and writing on my laptop for endless hours….I say writing, I mean tumblr, youtube and twitter…. fine and instagram to.

So yeah this is what has been happening, i’m hoping to make a video doing my first tag ever, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSRcJNiSvqc   :)





Dear Spring



Can I start by saying, i’m glad you’re back. Your indecisiveness is very welcome, I like the way you mix it up.

I’d like to think you are the teenager of the year, growing and being the beginning of something amazing that is yet to come… but this would then make Autumn the adult and maybe the start of menopause, mid-life crisis and chaos  of a completely different kind …. is that wrong or is it just me. Sorry. Moving on.

I guess you are just trying to find yourself, what’s right for you… chucking weather all around the world and seeing what sticks, what ignites, sparkles and glows in to the darkness.

Your comedic timing is second to none…….

That gust of wind on the still sunny day surprised the girl in the dress, who could blame her for wanting to feel floaty for the day and you wanted to add to her experience. Catching me on a few occasions I might add, those builders will never look at me the same again but the glow of vitamin D called for the skirt and also I felt fancy.

Like most Brits i’d say ” Keep the sun coming” lord knows we are looking a tad pale at the moment; but also pour some rain down my window if you don’t mind; it’s fresh and i’m always tempted to dance in it.

All I really want to say Spring is keep doing what you are doing, you’ll get where you want to be some day… summer is just around the corner and that’s where the fun starts.


Wednesday Wonder……

Do you want to build a snowman?……

Speaking of snowmen, who came up with it?

Who decided to roll snow in to balls and mold it in to PEOPLE!!!!!!

I did some research, however I think this wonder may need a little more digging ( in the snow) I had to go there sorry, it’s not even funny really.

Apparently snowman building dates back to medieval times, In book dated 1380 called Book of Hours there is an illustration of a snowman. File:Koninklijke Bibliotheek Book of Hours snowman illustration.jpg

Not really sure if it’s a snowman…. looks more like melted wax… Candle Man!!!!

So now you see why I need to do some more searching.

This has been another Wednesday Wonder………see you next week.


Catch 22


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One of new years resolutions this year was to eat healthy and exercise, I can say it’s been going pretty well. It’s now week 7 of working out 5/6 days a week ( only for like an hour) and i’ve managed to loose 8lbs, which is great and I feel better for it. Now it isn’t just exercise its also a slight change in diet also, not cutting things out completely but eating balanced and maybe substituting some things. I’ll so another blog about that soon.

Anyway I was reading this post the other day http://girlonthecontrary.com/2014/02/26/i-love-whole-foods-therefore-i-am-silent/  ( go check her out she is both hilarious and knowledgeable)

She talks about being intimidated because she doesn’t fit the stereotype of a Whole Foods shopper and feels like a bit of a fraud cause she eats at junk food on occasion and doesn’t have any dietary intolerance. This got me thinking about when I go shopping, since I changed my eating habits I need to buy certain things like lentils, chickpeas, health bars and couscous. I’m a big girl, hence the reason for said life style change so when i’m going around picking up these things I tend to get the idea that people are watching me. Like “who are you trying to kid” cause apparently me buying things that don’t have shit loads of sugar and crap doesn’t fit my stereotype; that I didn’t get this way with out junk food.

However I know for a fact that living on a farm all my life I never ate a ready meal or pot noodle; it just wasn’t necessary. We had balanced home cooked meals, not saying we didn’t eat fish fingers and other freezer food but it was always balanced with fresh veg or salad.

When being looked at like this I can’t help but think, well if I was carrying a bag of crisps, chocolate and coke i’d still be looked at a judged for eating something that is bad for me.

It’s a complete catch 22, you change you get judged, you eat crap you get judged. . My point came even more to light when watch ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ the other night, Rae the main character was also commenting on something along these lines.

Can people seriously f*** off….Just go away, i’m trying to change my ways cause im tired of being looked at in a certain way and want to make myself healthier and happier….

Wednesday Wonder …but why does it have to be Jack though?


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I’m not gonna lie, here in the UK we have some super weird sayings or ‘Figures of Speech’….however i’m not going to talk about the weird ones today, no no no, I have an issue with two of them or maybe its a wonder of why really ( trying saying that three times fast)

“A Jack of all trades, a master of none”

Ok so obvious, you have many skills but aren’t brilliant or top notch at any of them. It’s true but a tad mean on anyone called Jack in my book.

“Jack the Lad”

A “Jack The Lad” tends to be a male (or a butch lesbian) who’s a bit of a bad boy, or so he thinks. The typical stereotype would be a guy who walks about thinking he owns everything (tend to be rather dashing and have multiple tattoo’s), and feeds on attention Definition from Urban Dictionary

Again harsh on the Jacks of this world… so my wonder for this Wednesday is Why does it have to be Jack?

Why can’t it be and Edwin, Gerald or Peter?



Disney made me do it…. !!!


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You know the things you look back on things you did as a kid….. like why the hell did I do that?

I have a few of these things and I must admit they all have Disney in common.

Cinderella, a tale of romance and the good people having a ‘Happy Ever After’ yep perfect. You’d think as a little girl i’d love the ballgowns, the magic and talking mice… I did but I also had another fascination with the film. You know the scene when the ugly sisters are singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale” and Cinders is washing the main hall by hand….. I loved this scene for some reason. One afternoon after arriving home from playgroup I went and asked my mum for a bucket of water and dish cloth, in order  to clean our kitchen floor. Which I would just like to point out was spotless and didn’t need a 3 year old crawling across the floor with a wet cloth.

Now I was either forming OCD towards cleanliness or just thought in order to be like Cinderella I had to scrub the lino.

Beauty and The Beast, tale as old as time…… beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean the inside is all that glorious. I’m just gonna jump straight to this one, Belle has just rejected the wedding proposal and walks outside…. you know what’s coming. Yes the who next song I re-enacted in a lovely fashion of drama queen style, always making sure I had a cloth to hand in order to wrap round my head then pull off with disgust. I would dance around my living room, spreading my arms in sound of music style, face full of power and yehWhat is it with me and cloths? I even mimicked feeding the chickens….

…. hope i’m not the only one who did this.


Anyway, it seems as if I loved recreating the scenes which involved the heroine in the scene where she seemed less magical…. did I just want to be normal…. ?

This concludes another ramble, just one question…. is there any Disney/film scene you loved to mimic as a youngster?


Wednesday Wonder


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So this isn’t so much of a wonder as something I know….. cause I asked my mum when I was like 12 or something… so it once was a wonder but is now….not?

Ok so you know there are so many different form of swearing/cursing with just your hands… well ever thought to why they are meant to be so rude or where they stemmed from. Some are pretty obvious but others are just a little weird.

The gesture in which I am going to explain is the peace sign backwards, this is the only was I can describe it… although i’m not sure if it’s just a British thing. Anyway it seems from battle fields of the Medieval era and used by archers in particular. The two fingers used are one generally used to pull back the string of the bow and steady the arrow, quite vital to being able to use the bow and fight. They would wave this gesture at their enemies and would basically be saying “hey we still have these two fingers therefore we can still fire arrows at your heads”

So there you have it.

Not sure how we can validate using it now, unless you are an archer you likes to shoot arrows and peoples heads or any part of their anatomy…. I maybe more cautious when I see someone sign this at me.


…..they all came from Hogwarts!!!


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Merry Sunday, i’m slightly hung-over….

While watching Troy (magician) on Sunday Brunch this morning, I had a few ideas floating in my sleepy brain. He started talking about the Magic Circle, now I know this is a group of magicians, illusionists and people like to do death defying tricks ( the crazy ones) I was thinking how the hellus bellus do they do these things…. like it down right just floated in that clip…. WITCH CRAFT!!!…. ( Em don’t start a witch hunt, dude that didn’t end well last time). Ok but seriously how, then it came to me… they all came from Hogwarts!!! That is the only explanation, they do this magic out in the open to double bluff us so we don’t think it… maybe it’s part of a module on making their skills more commercial.

Yes this is what comes in to my head when I am hung-over, actually things like this occur to me when I’m in my right mind also.




Wednesday Wonder….

Ok so it’s not Wednesday….  we had no electric and no internet guys.

Anyway my thought on that wednesday and something that has been bothering me for a while is the Muller Rice Advert…..

I get that the ‘Ice Ice Baby’ rhymes with ‘Rice’ but why in the hellus bellus is there a bear dancing…. it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

At first I thought I was just being blonde and just missing the concept completely….. but no no no…..I have searched the internet for ages. Wait not for ages, like 20 minutes and there no conclusion to why the bear is dancing and rapping like Vanilla Ice.



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