Energy in the Heart of Herefordshire – Kington Show 2014


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A traditional agricultural show held each year in Herefordshire, covering a wide range of areas within agriculture. From livestock to machinery, as well as country living presented in over 200 stalls on the show ground. Young farmers, sheep shearing, Horticultural classes, crafts and up and coming equestrians.

The show gives a real insight in to what this part of the UK has to offer in forms of agriculture and generally a great day out for the family; with fairground rides also on site.

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Grabbing Nettles… A lesson only now come to light.

He said it wouldn’t hurt…. but it did.

And yet I keep trying,

Trying to grab the nettles,

Trying to not feel the sting.

I only know now that I was being taught a lesson

A lesson of ‘Grasp the Nettle’

To tackle lifes’ problems bolder.

I could never grab with enough power,

don’t worry though strength will come when you get older.

If not you will see the pain fades,

Spit on a doc leaf or vinegar also aids.




Guys I did actually grab nettles when I was younger the boy from the bungalow did it with out any pain on his face, I was 8 and yeah. So this is not only a figure of speech but also literal in the events that happened… does that make sense ?


Once Upon A Sunday… 15th September 2013


Strangely enough a similar theme is occurring in life right now. As i’m writing this I have just got back from a family get together to celebrate my Nan’s birthday… majority of the family and began with 4 of us grand children heading to the pub before hand.

The day was filled with laughter and banter as the youngest 3 grandchildren are now coming in to their own, starting college, GCSE’s and just being the little shits we used to be. It’s hilarious and normally features several boy pile ons…..

Once Upon A Sunday… 8th September 2013


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September number two that I will not be leaving the shire but although everything I own is staying put I consider myself to be forever moving forward.

A year ago I had no idea where life was going to take me and the mood of this video although it seems positive and full of freedom and simplicity I have a feeling that the idea of no set plan that uni offered scared me quite a bit.

It was change and change does frighten people… I now know I should embrace it with a full steam ahead attitude and maybe a first aid kit if I hit a brick wall.



Here I am..



Here I am,

my words may jumble,

but it’s better they are loud,

than just a mere mumble.

You said imperfection is beauty,

and yes that is true,

well here I am,

stumbling over broken words…a broken heart.

Just because of you a man,

one that is perfect with charm and un-flawed,

You a man who once yes I adored.

But you see you were in a dim light,

for such a long time… I wasted time.

Once I replaced the light bulb,

let it shine.

It was obvious and clear,

you are far from perfect my dear.

But you said that’s beauty,

I beg to differ,

cause you aren’t just flawed you are an evil drifter.

Charming the loved ones of another mister,

kind sirs that love and adore just one,

your dimmed soul was just looking for fun.. a thrill, seeking a fling.

Now I don’t doubt the cycle will keep going,

the light will stay dim to those who are night rowing.

In need of a glimmer in a darkened night.

But Sir I have matches and will make my own light.

Mini Message


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……Yes I know it says photography in the blog url….. and yes that was my first intention but things change….so sue me.

Change is something I have only recently come to realise is inevitable and i’m some what ok with that.

I started this blog to try and tread my photography foot print in to the muddy world of the internet. However, my friends I have two feet, two footprints; which is why I started to write more profound words in these posts which are what I like to think of glimpses inside my world.

Yes there is photography here but there is also laughter, learning, twenty something troubles and the beauty of life whether good or bad.

What i’m trying to say is first impressions are important but can you really know someone and pass judgement at just a single glimpse.



Thoughts while driving…

On the drive to work this morning a black van flashes it’s lights at me …. Why What Was going on ?

He warning me about a hedge trimmer round the corner …. that was on the otherside of the road.. the other side the road… to me… opposite!

So why all the fuss you crazy light flasher…. What popper in to my head was “is he a crazy hedge trimmer.. like some demon Sweeny Todd of the hedge trimming world”

This thought then diversed in to an idea of a parody for Sweeny Todd. A Hedge trimmer that chops the heads off animals as he hows by…. Cows more so. The reason for this crusome deed… He was lactose intolorant…

Well it made me laugh. Dare to suck guys, dare to suck.


Once Upon A Sunday… 1st September 2013


I still stand by this concept that we are all worrying too much about where we are going and forget we only get to do this once…. stop and look around once in a while.

We loose the explorers we once were when we pass through in to the real world and convention takes over. Stop looking for the next door you have to pass through and jump through the window instead; if you have enough faith in yourself your parachute will open and you can steer in any direction you like.

“Look at the view from the mountain you climb each day”

You made it through another earth spin, that is something to be happy about.



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