The Ledge 


     The 5 second free fall, the wind stealing a scream…

There is always the safety net of starting over, climbing back up to the ledge and remembering that you need to grab the rope this time…

It’s hard sometimes to say you need that harness or that the trapeze bar isn’t that far away, “no problemo”

Year Through Windows… May

i’m gonna miss this window… for 18 years ( I know i’m 25 but we moved when I was 7) I have stared out of it, sat on the ledge and looked down, read, wrote and just stared in to space for hours. I feel like i should write a goodbye letter to my dear window… that’ll be for another post.  

There are times when life gets crazy and you forget that the place around you, the landscape that has keep you safe for years is right there to help out again and take the crazy away… if only for the evening.

New office means new view out the window… well actually the last office didn’t have a window so I guess you could say… new office means a view.  

While writing in the spare room I looked out the window and noticed a chap (Dad) on a lawn mower riding past….granted it took me a while to get the shot as I decided to be a perfectionist that day.     A trace that someone was there and is to come back at some point… must be summer, the garden furniture is out…shame the heat hasn’t caught up yet.

  My soon to be new view! … i’ll update soon :)               He’s back….I feel like I can’t leave him out now.   Adventure with Mighty to an Aladdin’s cave I never knew existed.                 

Early Riser


Hi Hiccups,

Never really been one for getting up early, I mean if I to be somewhere to be that’s kind of ok, like for work… but on weekends normally if I have nothing to be in the land of the living for then 9am/10am is my rise and shine time.

Don’t get me wrong I know that isn’t that bad but when you get up at 6:30 5 days a week for work, it is such a massive lie in.

Recently, my body clock seems to be stuck on that weekday alarm, which normally I would be quite annoyed by… but i’m not and that’s what is freaking me out slightly.

I never set an alarm, partly because I hate being pulled awake by those loud buzzers or dodgy ringtones… it always puts me in a bad mood straight away.

You may think, then how the hell do you get up on time?…the answer is I have no idea, maybe it’s like an internal clock or something. I always seem to wake up either an hour or 10 mins before I need to. Always been like that.

Granted I haven’t had a straight 9-5 since highschool…so maybe that’s it, the continuous routine of my weekdays have merged/blurred in to the weekends.

Plus it’s summer and it’s incredibly bright in the mornings, even when they are overcast.

Again not complaining, the stillness of the morning is the much more noticeable & enjoyable when my mind isn’t racing about the list of things I have to do at work or gearing itself up for the morning commute to the city.

… the hour or two I would normally be sleeping is filled with some form of creative outlet or staring in to space coming to conclusions about anything and everything.

Laters Taters


Less is More


Hi Hiccups,

‘Less is more’ a common phrase I put in to practice when doing anything of a creative nature. Whether I am designing an ad for work, painting or even writing ( purple prose people) I always manage to filter it down after going over the top; because I can take away and readjust those things.

Last week I realised that the phrase can also be put in to practice in other areas of life… relationships to be exact, well the attempt of one.

I’m not going to continue with …” there’s this guy” cause as I typed that I could hear the moans of “oh god another one of these” and the clicks of you googling funny cat videos.

Plus you probably guessed there would be a boy involved.. i’m a 20 something girl who was brought up on boybands and woodpecker cider… there is always a boy involved.  BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT I swear. There might actually be a chance of this not just being in my head… less daydreamy more reality.

Anyway moving on to the whole ‘less is more’ realisation.

Facebook messenger I hate the fact you show when someone has seen your message or even how long ago they were on line… you have turned me in to borderline clingy (hah here… no one is border line, there is no borderline)

I never realised I was even capable of being clingy until last week, but my god it started to surface big time.


If I want something… my terrier instinct comes out… I will grab on to that ankle and God help anyone who tries to pry me off.


Or determined take your pick. ( chose the later)

I can’t take away messages like I can a section of a design, a line or two in a story or even dilute a colour slightly…

I need to put it in to practice big time otherwise I think I may ruin what could be quite amazing.

However if I can’t, a virtual slap will be donated by Mighty along with a pinch of a punch just for good measure. ( she’s already done that once)

Laters Taters


Fill Up Your Cup – May/June

Hey Hiccups,

FUYC eat

Over Night Oats – this something shared at Slimmers World, the best and easiest breakfast. Make it the night before, grab & go in the morning…amazing :)Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 18.10.47 Recipe in link:


Peppermint Tea- has to be a favorite or anything mint flavored tea to be honest, the smell is amazing and if you are anything like me and forget you have a cuppa most days, it’s good cold as well as hot.

FUYC tvfilm

Mary Doodles – I have been subscribed to here for ages and am a big fan out the ‘How To Art’ series, really gets me wanting to draw/paint… art :) Recently I have just been finding myself watching her go through sketchbooks, also her ‘FriDoDi’ videos are so good and gear me up for the weekend :)

FUYC music

Two for this month cause I can’t decide. The first is ‘Yeah Boy’ by Kelsea Ballerini, I am literally hooked on this song and having been playing it on repeat is my car for the last week… it’s quite a catchy little diddy. The 2nd is the whole Paramore album. Have always been a huge fan of paramore, Hayley is a lyrical genius. The album has been out for a while and I  have found myself going through stages of liking or relating to certain songs. I have never listen to an album that covers so many emotions and also gives out optimism without shoving it in your face.

FUYC books

Currently in the middle of ‘The Book Thief’ finally got in to it and i’m dying to see the film but I need to finish the book first. I love most WWII related books, always had an interest in the era and I have no idea why.

FUYC loving

Journaling, since the age of 13 I have tried to keep a journal/diary but most of the time it just get’s forgotten or I just can’t be asked. I have a feeling it was something to do with thinking I needed to write in it everynight… nope…. that I needed to write just what was going on, a play by play of my day…. nope. I have come to realise that I can write whatever I want, whenever I want. If I have something to say it goes in. Have seen a lot of journal prompts on tumblr recently and have come to realise that life is not planed out and mapped out… it’s unpredictable and so that is what my journal should be also. After all not going to waste paper on a mundane day. So there you have it my May/June favs, let me know what you think? Pour some answers my way… What song could you listen to for the rest of your life.. everyday? Laters Taters Emx


…. this kept me awake.


Alice fell down the rabbit hole with just a cat,

NO boy to help her… save her from the Queen.

Well the rabbit did help and I guess the Mad hatter to,

the rabbit was always late… granted so are you.

Shit. You are the rabbit.

… but he went down first… Alice followed.

Are you already there or am I just reading in to it too much,

reading the printed ink.

Jumbling it in to a new link of words that I want to say,

maybe… but anyway,

what I wanted to speak of is,

if Alice can fall alone then I can to.

I can travel, live, love and dream,

at my own steam.

Follow my heart in a new direction,

Take wrong turns, make corrections.

What I do hope and this will never go away,

that you will be running back with rope one day.

when i’m climb out and am OK.

Too late or just in time,

will you finally be mine.

Who knows?

We’ll just have to see how time goes.

Signs of Adultness

Hi Hiccups,

It’s happened…. Jeezeus it’s started… crap.

Dudes I think I may be an adult. Scary huh. Granted you wouldn’t think as I just called you all ‘Dudes’ alright Beevus.

Here are just a few things that tipped me off about said situation.

Framing posters.. I thought this was just a blip when I turned 25 and maybe that the poster just looked better in a frame than pinned to a wall (some still are) nope not a blip just a sign of what was to come.

Friday Clean up…. tidying my room on friday evenings when I get home from work, it sometimes isn’t that messy but I shuffle things around anyway. Long are the days when I would leave my room to fester in a mess that I called organised but I think I was just de-sensitised by the ocean of crap.

Baby Names… I am not broody I promise, I was just simply thinking the other day… being practical if you will on how I would bring grandparent names in to the kids I one day will have… what the F**k am I doing. I need to stop this but I can’t… Dot would be such a cute name… Em just shut up.

QUICK!  get me some lego and cherryade so i can go hyper and leave small pieces of pain on the floor.

Laters Taters


….where have you been?

Hi Hiccups

Ok so here is the thing, there is no reason I can’t post on physical reason.

I just feel like I am forcing out posts lately, I sit to write on sundays with plenty of time but I just think that what I post isn’t good enough.. i’m not happy with it and if i’m not happy with it I don’t think anyone else would be either.

I was watching youtube just now and what was said in this kinda struck a cord. The idea that like youtube a blog only get popular if it has this weekly rhythm.

I thought, ok two days a week is good and do-able… but then my work hours increased and I think I just put too much on my plate… guys I got frustrated cause I am behind on the reading challenge… I got frustrated about reading, a pleasure that should not have any negativity towards it.

With work, photography freelancing, reading, writing, training for race for life and trying to have a social life, honestly I have been craving for a bigger social life recently…I know first world problem eh. A decrease is needed and I need to let some things go.

I feel so stupid sometimes for complaining about these things when there is so much more going on the in the world, so much pain, suffering, poverty.. just to name a few. However my thought is if I don’t come to terms and actually understand what is going on in my head then I won’t be happy and if you’re not happy you ain’t no good to no one.

Yah get me?

Laters Taters x

P.s. There will be a post every sunday… cause really I think I was spreading myself too thin posting twice a week… sounds stupid but it is the truth and how I feel currently.

Well.. that took a different turn…



Hi Hiccups,

A skype conversation with Yanke Doodle that took a turn.. not sure if it was for the worse… but it make it chuckle.

Yankie Doodle: I sent out two short stories this week so
Yankie Doodle: fingers crossed
Me: everything crossed
Yanke Doodle: I am no contortionist madam
Me: you sure
Yanke Doodle: it would be a fun conversation starter but alas…
Me: nah the conversation would start when you climbed out of the suitcase
Yanke Doodle: this sounds like the beginning of an awful porn flick Em. my god

Laters Taters

Year Through Windows… April


Hey Hiccups,

I am still finding myself captivated by what is through the window… which is good, means the project isn’t lagging at all. Although I can’t just give credit to my fascination and endless daydreaming, it’s the world that is providing me with my daily escapism.


This month I have been trying to push away from the edge, and leap in the open space of my swimming pool and look at the people through the windows. Now this doesn’t mean I am leaving the glorious sun-drenched, rain blurred or Monday morning commute images behind, they will be ever present and never get filtered out.


While in my car before work, checking my phone and trying to remember the lines that had come to mind while driving ( not to self need to start voice memo-ing) out the corner of my eye I spotted a worker from the company next door doing the morning chore of taking the bins out. As normal as this might sound the skips are huge and to avoid having to throw the bags quite so high he stacked pallets and well you can see the rest in the image. Genius ( wait for the image a week or so later)

IMG_0463  IMG_0464

My bedroom window, it scares me how time I have spent staring out at the fields, when I was suppose to be doing homework… alas this may not be a constant image throughout this year as I hope to be moving at the end of the summer. It is a window I will miss, quite a bit.


An hour to kill before heading to Barry, stop over in Cardiff. I perched myself on a high stool (peril of a short person) in a coffee shop *cough Starbucks *cough. I realised that I had yet to get any photos of what I saw out of coffee shop windows, it shocked me as people watching is a favorite pass time of mine ( no i’m not a stalker, although the idea of reversing voyeurism does appeal to me)

This was a chance shot as I was just taking a few in a row and then this lovely chap on a bike just zoomed past… now some would think it to have ruined a photo but nah it really didn’t, it shows movement I think. Plus you can zoom in and look in to brief moments of other passersby if you are really that nosy… well.

Would have been great if someone had to dodge out the way…one can only dream of shots like that.



I have already put a post up about my time in Barry…. shameless plug mwhahaha


It’s not unknown that the UK doesn’t get that much sun… so when it does appear and boost the temperature even by a few degrees we relish in it. Although it was a tad windy so I sat in the shelter of the porch… where there is windows also Perfect.


The evolution of the genius… he is now using a forklift.


The last Sunday of April.

Laters Taters


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