Hi Hiccups , 

Apologies for not getting a post to you yesterday my laptop was not playing ball. 

I did have a quite marvellous bit of writing prepared however the world of technology was not on my side. 

As I am in work and the tick and tocking seems to be moving at double speed I shall just leave you with this little tidbit. 

Thank god for windy days when it makes the office shake and covers the sound of my stomach rumbles… Truly thankful. 

I must dash lunch is calling.

Laters Taters


Journal Entry #3


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One thing

He’s got that one thing going for him.

Just that one thing and I suppose it is something others could possess but for some reason they simply don’t compare.

Maybe I’m bias or maybe he’s magic.

How can you cast a spell without moving your fingers though?
Now that is magic.

Maybe it’s cause it’s not constant, the surprise of communication blows through me, a gust of gallant charm stirs the butterflies.

The spark heats and the bubbles of a school girl laugh bursts in to the atmosphere. The rose tinted view on life is back for a spell… His spell.

It’s just that one thing.
Nothing else, what is it you may ask….

I have no idea.

Apologies I set the wrong date on the post to be published… sorry :)

Laters Taters


Dear Winter..



….not to be rude but, when are you leaving?

You have to go at some point, I was just wondering on a date… ball park it if you have to. I want to know when I can start leaving tights out of the clothing equation… they are getting on my pip.

Lately you have been a tad indecisive; blue, sunny and warm one day then snow, hail and gales the next.

It’s like spring is creeping in some days… are you trying to be like spring?

Don’t think you should, can be a tad misleading.

Be winter, you’re good at it. Honestly the frozen landscapes you create… stunning. The cold evenings that get the reaction of fires being lit and villages sparkling with glowing window light.

What i’m trying to say ‘ You do you’

Then we know what to expect and don’t get our hopes up when the sun warms our faces and we get too hot in the multitude of layers.

It’s not really goodbye just a see you next time round.


…….but how?….why?


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Hi Hiccups,

Just a short little post today while i’m on my lunch break.

A week ago something strange happened,

I managed in my sleep to reset my alarm for 4:30am

…..the weird thing is I never set my alarm anyway, I just wake up, normally like 5 minutes before i’m suppose.. don’t you just hate that.

Anyway, yeah waking up like that was not pleasant and my sleepy state could not for the life of me turn off the alarm, several times it just went off a few minutes later.

I don’t know why this happened, maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me sometime

… or just weird as hell.

Do any of you do weird things in your sleep or sleep walk at all?

Laters Taters


A Year Through Windows



I often spend time.. too much time gazing through windows, looking at the outside world from the comfort of a warm house, coffee shops and public transport.

It’s weird that I can just sit, hardly moving for X amount of time as the world through the glass is carrying on at a pace I can’t actually control, there is no pause or rewind of this type of television screen. Funny I actually read a tweet the other day saying that parents should tell their kids the window is a tv…. a gateway in to the changing seasons… live.

This idea of being so fixated with the world through a window was made even more prominent when my photos i’d sent off to be printed arrived. Amongst the images of friends, family and dogs there was quite a few showing landscapes framed by wooden frames and smudged glassed.  It got me thinking, maybe I should start a collection, a project if you will, of what I see through windows, of the life that I sit and stare at for so many hours in a row.

Snows been and gone

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Thoughts That Stop Me From Sleeping #2


Hi Hiccups,

Please sing the following lines in the style of ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

Do you want to go to hogwarts?
We can go there on a train
we’ll wave wands and do awesome spells

Write with quills
and sometimes the ceiling rains
We can cook up some love potions
or a curse or two

Grab your broomstick let’s flyyyyy

This is what happens when I can’t sleep… I could have done the whole song

….there is time
Laters Taters

Young & Hopeless…. Hopeless & Here



Hi Hiccups

There are so many lists of what you need to experience in your 20’s and most are about being free, finding yourself, making mistakes and living; cause apparently by your 30’s your energy either goes or you just simply don’t have time.

Or is it that you should have learned how to live and run a life by then?

Mistakes shouldn’t be made or at least be made less.

If I am in fact suppose to live in my 20’s is this the only thing i’m suppose to do cause people say I should create a base for myself, start a career, start saving money… planning.

I’m a planner always have been but how am I suppose to do all that and live in the way i’m suppose to?

What about how I want to live?

I find it hard enough finding a balance between carefree and adult…is there a balance or just a time and place for both?

So many questions…. i’m baffled.

Maybe that’s it, baffled is the way forward.

I’m not the only one and it’s not only the young that are figuring things out.

The man who wants a change in career in his 40’s

The women who has been with the same person for 10 years and still no ring.

The elderly couple sending their ipad in to meltdown.

My answers

–  do it,  change your career, be happy, if it doesn’t work, shake it off and start again.

– women waiting for the ring, drop more clues or you could always purpose, Laureli did.

– You could always google you ipad question or just ring the grandkids that’s what they are there for… well that’s my purpose anyway.

Baffled yes, but there is always solutions and segways to what you want to do.

Laters Taters


…..the most evil laugh


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Hi Hiccups, Just casually scrolling through Tumblr and I come across something of extreme interest, a rather large Harry Potter post, revealing answers and humorous hilarity that kept me entertained for a few minutes. Now I thought I had seen this post early on in the day cause I recognised some on the funnys. Thinking of scrolling straight through and moving on, something caught my eyeScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 22.03.04 …..the most evil laugh came out of my mouth, suits with the idea of hijacking I think.

Laters Taters,


Happy February 1st…..I’m doing a tag


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Hi Hiccups,

Today I shall be answering the most ‘Top Notch’ and ‘Spiffing’ tag there is, that’s right ‘The British Tag’

I thought it only seemed right that I partake in this cultural question masterpiece.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?

Depending on where I am, at work normally about 6 and the sugars varies as I sometimes have green/fruit tea instead of caffeinated. I have 2 sugar in normal tea.

Morning #raspberry&dragonfruit #twinnings

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2. Favourite part of your roast?

Roast potatoes, they are one of the parts that never changes really, other veg changes throughout the seasons and somethings you only have depending on what meat you are eating…..parsnips come in a close second though.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?

Chocolate Hobnobs… great name, my reasoning is that the chocolate melts and the oaty biscuit goes slightly chewy… lush.

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

Sunday evening TV… yep after your roast dinner with which ever family members showed up, you would all set down and watch the tele-box. Normally something like Dad’s Army, Last of the summer wine, Bulls-eye or Heartbeat…. we still do this I am actually typing this upstairs while my parents are watching Top Gear downstairs.

5. Favourite word?

Kerfuffle… how can you not like that word, it’s brilliant although Scoundrel is next in the top 5

6. Cockney rhyme slang?

I don’t know  much apart from ‘Dog and Bone- Phone’ or ‘Apple and Pears – Stairs’ but I did some research and found a huge list and have to say the one that made me chuckle quite a bit was ‘Gypsy’s kiss’ – Piss, now i’m not sure if this version of Piss means to relieve ones self or go out on the piss and get drunk but either way I do like it… quite a bit.

7. Favourite sweet?

Either the fizzy cola bottles or those long jelly snakes, I used to put them in the freezer… trust me and then thank me for changing your life in the smallest possible way.


8. What would your pub be called?

I googled pub names and found one that has taken my fancy, only because I had this image from The Aristocats when a drunk goose stumbled out of a restaurant, my pub will be called  THE DRUNKEN DUCK

9. No.1 British person?

Stephen Fry… I don’t need to explain this, man is brilliant.

Also Jennifer Saunders, “Fabulous Darling”

10. Favourite shop / Restaurant?

Paperchase….. when I has the money it becons me, also hobby craft is quite a danger when it’s payday.

Nandos for food though, there Beanie burgers are amazing.

11. What British song pops into your head?

Feeder ‘Just a day’  I actually included this in a blog post a few weeks ago, best song.

12. Marmite?


Ta rah til Wednesday,



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