Year Through Windows… February


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Hi Hiccups,

Rain splattered views and wing mirrors.

Indecisiveness of the UK weather… what’s new.

Slightly warmer days appeared, but like a toe heading for the waters edge… it flinched away… “maybe i’ll come back later”

Monday sunset #yearthroughwindows

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Oh hai rain #wetworkmorning #yearthroughwindows

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Morning #yearthroughwindows

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Year Through Windows…. January

Hi Hiccups,

Frosty mornings glistened in the winter sun of January and I was captivated most AM’s while getting ready for work of the views out the bedroom and bathroom windows; great for the eyes, not so much for the clock when i’m already late. Can I blame amazing views for that…?

I’ve never been much of a fan of winter, the cold and rain of the season in the UK never appeals to my sensitive nose and easily rosied cheeks. However the season through when viewed from behind glass standing next to a heater.. I can deal.

Living life through a lens like I do, my eyes seem to see the beauty of most scenes even if they seem bland at a glance.


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Sun is setting and my to do list is almost empty… Just a blog post to go

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#frostymorning #shire

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Snows been and gone

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I shall be updating at the end of every month of the shots I have taken either from my instagram account or various other cameras.


… but is it weird?


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Hi Hiccups,

Look I have managed to actually get another post up on time… proud?

Ok I have a little query, just a tiny one, i’m not sure if i’m over thinking it or what.

Eggs and chicken… no not what came first, but can they be eaten together?

I mean an egg is technically an unfertilised chicken… so would I just be eating two chickens with some crazy age gap?

I am truly curious and intrigued about this. I mean I guess you wouldn’t have milk and beef together, but that is what comes out of a cow not one that is unborn.

If anyone could wrap this up for me I would be truly thankful.

Laters Taters


….. what?! you’ve never mentioned it?

Hi Hiccups,


“…i’ve tried to but the words get jumbled, stuck and never taken flight out of my mouth” It’s true I have never even come close to saying it cause i’m scared it’ll break something… a friendship… a heart… mine.

“but why not? I thought you always said honesty is the best policy” she’s right I do say that and it is when it comes to everything apart from this. I’m not really lying cause… well it’s never come out of my mouth, lies come out of the mouth they don’t just stay in the head.

“yes well i’m not technically lying if I haven’t said it” even saying that i’m lying to myself, which she is going to point out in 3…2…1.

“you’re lying to yourself, not allowing yourself to even try for the one thing you want… and god knows how much you want that” truth, 100% and quite profound, which is not a word I use when describing my ballsy, strut cause life’s a stage friend.

“Look can we just leave it”


A conversation with myself, the alter ego that occasionally does seem like that friend that sits on your bed flicking through magazines, scrolling through tumblr, trying to direct your love life like it’s a rom-com. However this rom-com dvd is a tad scratched,  broken record, on a loop. I have this conversation once a week, and to be honest it always ends with “Look can we just leave it”

It shouldn’t end like that really. I have millions of reasons why but for some reason that one thought of it failing, pulling my life apart, the only reason is the ‘Cons’ section of my list seems like a giant, the compared the millions of stars, the ones that could make life so beautiful.

My whole ‘Fuck It’ attitude that is ever present in the rest of my life, runs to hide in the corner where the light from my bedroom lamp doesn’t reach; the idea that I may be a vampire that glistens in light has just popped in to my head and I apologise for the twlight reference and image that has just filled your heads.

Why is it so hard to live your life to it’s fullest, channel the film ‘Yes man’ in all other aspects but this one… it sucks.

Also have just realised that having this weekly conversation with myself is a tad weird and maybe… just maybe, I need to get out more.

Laters Taters


Journal Entry #4



Hi Hiccups,

The genius that is my journal from last Monday… enjoy

Deep in thought and determined to find an answer to why I am still single. I thought back to teenage crushes (boybands main feature) fleeting romances and the “what the hell was I thinking’

One thing I did stumble across was they were all pretty nice boys, like the kind ones, the ones that had boyfriend stamped across their foreheads, meaning in my mind that they could do no wrong. Maybe that’s the issue, maybe I need to find someone that is a complete opposite.

A Bad Boy

I always pride myself of staying away from the ones that can get me in to trouble, I hate getting in to trouble…. i’m a rule follower in all senses of the title.

However, maybe it’s time for a change… but where to start?

The only bad boy I have ever been attracted to is Kenickie from Grease… and from the results of the ‘Which Grease character are you?’ quiz, defiantly doesn’t put me in the running to be the next Rizzo.. or Cha cha.

.. I got Jan.

Not ballsy enough to be Rizzo.

Not forward enough to Marty.

Not naive enough to be Frenchie.

Too weird to be Sandra Dee.

Although it kinda makes sense, I have been known to sing along to adverts… it’s away a keep yourself entertained during the breaks.

So I guess from the results of a quiz on the internet that is so totally trust worthy, bad boys are not going to and never will be in my radar…. not even close. I mean Kenickie wasn’t really that much of one… it’s a film set in the 50’s.. he smoked, drank, drove a fast car and took a few trips to look out point. He would fit right in 2015. He may even be considered a nice guy. Strange.

Conclusion I am going to end up a crazy cat lady… minus the cats, maybe switch them with cameras. Crazy lady with a camera, the title of stalker comes to mind.

Laters Taters



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Hi Hiccups,

A writing exercise that had some strange outcomes.

List all the names you have ever been called, whether they versions of your given name, nicknames, horrible names… anything.

Now pick one and write about how it makes you feel, who calls/called you it, how did it come about, do you associate it with a memory.

I listed about 20 and picked one that isn’t used that often and only normally when one single person is present…. the name Trouble

Now I never think i’m trouble…not too much anyway.

Used by my great uncle, actually he calls most of the women in my family this and we return the greeting with the same name.

“Alright Trouble?”

It’s always been a game.. our game, there isn’t a family get together that doesn’t start with this greeting.

The first to say it wins and laughter or a grin follows every time.

Weird how greeting someone has turned in to a game and was a game way before I was even born. A game that has stayed strong and lasted in to the current generation… hah Generation Game.

Continuity I guess.

Weird how it is only the girls he has ever called this… is it cause he thinks women are indeed trouble?

Well not saying we are easy but some of us don’t have trouble following them around or have it stored in our handbags.

…concealed in our high heels or diaries, filled with mischief.

Nope, well sometimes when we want to… when it’s needed.

I will miss it the game when it starts to leave us, when the founder of the greeting like everything and everyone turns to dust.  The name Trouble will go also, never float in the air again.

I suppose the game could be continued on… a tradition to take in to the next generation.

However, it would feel weird if someone else but him instigated the game.

Strange indeed.

Laters Taters


Hi Hiccups , 

Apologies for not getting a post to you yesterday my laptop was not playing ball. 

I did have a quite marvellous bit of writing prepared however the world of technology was not on my side. 

As I am in work and the tick and tocking seems to be moving at double speed I shall just leave you with this little tidbit. 

Thank god for windy days when it makes the office shake and covers the sound of my stomach rumbles… Truly thankful. 

I must dash lunch is calling.

Laters Taters


Journal Entry #3


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One thing

He’s got that one thing going for him.

Just that one thing and I suppose it is something others could possess but for some reason they simply don’t compare.

Maybe I’m bias or maybe he’s magic.

How can you cast a spell without moving your fingers though?
Now that is magic.

Maybe it’s cause it’s not constant, the surprise of communication blows through me, a gust of gallant charm stirs the butterflies.

The spark heats and the bubbles of a school girl laugh bursts in to the atmosphere. The rose tinted view on life is back for a spell… His spell.

It’s just that one thing.
Nothing else, what is it you may ask….

I have no idea.

Apologies I set the wrong date on the post to be published… sorry :)

Laters Taters


Dear Winter..



….not to be rude but, when are you leaving?

You have to go at some point, I was just wondering on a date… ball park it if you have to. I want to know when I can start leaving tights out of the clothing equation… they are getting on my pip.

Lately you have been a tad indecisive; blue, sunny and warm one day then snow, hail and gales the next.

It’s like spring is creeping in some days… are you trying to be like spring?

Don’t think you should, can be a tad misleading.

Be winter, you’re good at it. Honestly the frozen landscapes you create… stunning. The cold evenings that get the reaction of fires being lit and villages sparkling with glowing window light.

What i’m trying to say ‘ You do you’

Then we know what to expect and don’t get our hopes up when the sun warms our faces and we get too hot in the multitude of layers.

It’s not really goodbye just a see you next time round.


…….but how?….why?


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Hi Hiccups,

Just a short little post today while i’m on my lunch break.

A week ago something strange happened,

I managed in my sleep to reset my alarm for 4:30am

…..the weird thing is I never set my alarm anyway, I just wake up, normally like 5 minutes before i’m suppose.. don’t you just hate that.

Anyway, yeah waking up like that was not pleasant and my sleepy state could not for the life of me turn off the alarm, several times it just went off a few minutes later.

I don’t know why this happened, maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me sometime

… or just weird as hell.

Do any of you do weird things in your sleep or sleep walk at all?

Laters Taters



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