….where have you been?

Hi Hiccups

Ok so here is the thing, there is no reason I can’t post on here..no physical reason.

I just feel like I am forcing out posts lately, I sit to write on sundays with plenty of time but I just think that what I post isn’t good enough.. i’m not happy with it and if i’m not happy with it I don’t think anyone else would be either.

I was watching youtube just now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-SciHMRWa8 and what was said in this kinda struck a cord. The idea that like youtube a blog only get popular if it has this weekly rhythm.

I thought, ok two days a week is good and do-able… but then my work hours increased and I think I just put too much on my plate… guys I got frustrated cause I am behind on the reading challenge… I got frustrated about reading, a pleasure that should not have any negativity towards it.

With work, photography freelancing, reading, writing, training for race for life and trying to have a social life, honestly I have been craving for a bigger social life recently…I know first world problem eh. A decrease is needed and I need to let some things go.

I feel so stupid sometimes for complaining about these things when there is so much more going on the in the world, so much pain, suffering, poverty.. just to name a few. However my thought is if I don’t come to terms and actually understand what is going on in my head then I won’t be happy and if you’re not happy you ain’t no good to no one.

Yah get me?

Laters Taters x

P.s. There will be a post every sunday… cause really I think I was spreading myself too thin posting twice a week… sounds stupid but it is the truth and how I feel currently.

Well.. that took a different turn…



Hi Hiccups,

A skype conversation with Yanke Doodle that took a turn.. not sure if it was for the worse… but it make it chuckle.

Yankie Doodle: I sent out two short stories this week so
Yankie Doodle: fingers crossed
Me: everything crossed
Yanke Doodle: I am no contortionist madam
Me: you sure
Yanke Doodle: it would be a fun conversation starter but alas…
Me: nah the conversation would start when you climbed out of the suitcase
Yanke Doodle: this sounds like the beginning of an awful porn flick Em. my god

Laters Taters

Year Through Windows… April


Hey Hiccups,

I am still finding myself captivated by what is through the window… which is good, means the project isn’t lagging at all. Although I can’t just give credit to my fascination and endless daydreaming, it’s the world that is providing me with my daily escapism.


This month I have been trying to push away from the edge, and leap in the open space of my swimming pool and look at the people through the windows. Now this doesn’t mean I am leaving the glorious sun-drenched, rain blurred or Monday morning commute images behind, they will be ever present and never get filtered out.


While in my car before work, checking my phone and trying to remember the lines that had come to mind while driving ( not to self need to start voice memo-ing) out the corner of my eye I spotted a worker from the company next door doing the morning chore of taking the bins out. As normal as this might sound the skips are huge and to avoid having to throw the bags quite so high he stacked pallets and well you can see the rest in the image. Genius ( wait for the image a week or so later)

IMG_0463  IMG_0464

My bedroom window, it scares me how time I have spent staring out at the fields, when I was suppose to be doing homework… alas this may not be a constant image throughout this year as I hope to be moving at the end of the summer. It is a window I will miss, quite a bit.


An hour to kill before heading to Barry, stop over in Cardiff. I perched myself on a high stool (peril of a short person) in a coffee shop *cough Starbucks *cough. I realised that I had yet to get any photos of what I saw out of coffee shop windows, it shocked me as people watching is a favorite pass time of mine ( no i’m not a stalker, although the idea of reversing voyeurism does appeal to me)

This was a chance shot as I was just taking a few in a row and then this lovely chap on a bike just zoomed past… now some would think it to have ruined a photo but nah it really didn’t, it shows movement I think. Plus you can zoom in and look in to brief moments of other passersby if you are really that nosy… well.

Would have been great if someone had to dodge out the way…one can only dream of shots like that.



I have already put a post up about my time in Barry…. shameless plug mwhahaha



It’s not unknown that the UK doesn’t get that much sun… so when it does appear and boost the temperature even by a few degrees we relish in it. Although it was a tad windy so I sat in the shelter of the porch… where there is windows also Perfect.


The evolution of the genius… he is now using a forklift.


The last Sunday of April.

Laters Taters

Barry Sand In My Shoes


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I still have Barry sand in my shoes,

my bag smells of sea air,

there is a holiday beach tint is my hair,

even though I was only there for a day.

The sun worked it’s magic,

although the wind made writing on the seafront slightly tragic.


Weaving through Saturday sun worshipers,

teenage dreamers and sandman believers.

I felt like I was floating,

lighter, there was no need to fight here.

The wind could take my hair in any direction it pleased,

my only hope was that my roots would capture the smell of sea breeze.


Wine flowed in the evening,

conversation moved like the sea and sand.

Reminiscing, secret spilling and future plans,

continued until the bottles ran dry,

and the colour had left the sky.

I still have Barry sand in my shoes.


“I’ve tried being fireworks”



“I’ve tried being fireworks”

I really have but it’s tiring to be that bright, colourful and bursting with life all the time. He looked at me like I was talking a foreign language, blank but brilliantly blinding with grounded brown eyes.

“I thought ‘Catherine wheel’ kisses were what you wanted”

EXPLOSIONS, ZING, BANG!….Something that had the power to break down your walls and leave you… us in a pile of rubble on the floor.

” well yes but… it’s nice, amazing actually but fireworks can’t go on forever and I don’t expect you to make them either”

The boy speaks the truth, his face becoming more animated like he already knows where this conversation is going.

” I feel like I am always lit up around you though” sounded more whiny than I normally care for but dammit I don’t give a shit. I’m always going, full steam ahead no red lights to slow me, this down or sleeping pigs.

“…and that’s a bad thing?” his eyebrows raised in mock offense.

No, not at all, but I do like the calm of a dark sky every now and then. Those moments of stillness, everything freezes, eases and my lungs can catch up even if my heart is beating 60mph.

“No, that’s not what I said, it just feels like I drew you in with fireworks, all guns blazing and if I stop you might find another Bonnie-fire night or new years Evie to be captivated by.”

He stared into the starry sky, lips pursed and left hand fingers crossed, deep in thought. It was a warm night, the June wind had seemed to sleep like the rest of the world. I would love to say city lights lay out before us but when in the country there is no such view, just touch light and or if lucky the moon and stars was enough.

We hadn’t planned on staying up on the middle hill for this long, the sun was high in the sky when we first sat on the lush summer grass. Sun now set, our phones dying.

He was thinking for too long, my god. Shit, i’ve pushed him away..

…he does want EXPLOSIONS, ZING, BANG.

Just as I was loosing hope he turned this sleepy village indie in to a Hollywood romcom. Grabbing my hand, rough against smooth, calus covered intertwined with paint splattered.

Standing, looking out in to the dark, I thought I heard a chuckle in the air.

“I like setting your world on fire and watching the sparks fly”

Yep he does like it, shit, bollocks of satan.

“…….but I love how you falter sometimes, when the spark doesn’t quite catch or the fuse is a dud. The sky is just as it is no special effects, like the sky tonight, speckled and spectacular all the same. ”

Jesus. That’s all that came to mind.. damn he is good. I do wonder sometimes if he has a cheat sheet or app to help him be this smooth.

“However if you can’t help yourself, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of fireworks”

Ruined it.

Tropical Torrets


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Hi Hiccups,

The last couple months at work have been busy to stay the least and with that business curse words has been taken in to account.

We have started a tally… loser with the most of a certain word each month must wash the cups at the end of everyday.

The idea of replacing the  first curse word with something like pineapple, banana or something completely random… coconut I think was used. However funny it was calling someone a coconut it didn’t catch on and the fact if someone walked in to the office that had no clue about the tally… well they may think the office has a case of ‘Tropical Tourettes”

Laters Taters


Coming Soon…


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Hi Hiccups,

Film trailers, I love them.

When people are running late for the cinema and say ” oh doesn’t matter if we are a little late, it’s only trailers”

NO… No sir/ mam it is not ok, I for one like watching the snippets of films coming out later in the year, makes me happy and adds to the cinema experience. Plus trailers are emotive and are there to get you in the mood to watch the filmed you have paid to see.

A warm up, cause you wouldn’t start exercise or a play sports without warming up first.

I also like when watching dvd’s or VHS, yes I still have videos tapes… Disney people. Anyway watching those trailers again have the same motives as the one you see in the cinema. However if you are watching a film from 1995, the trailers are doubly emotive, stirring scenes of childhood film watching.

Also the sound of the Disney home video build up, the 90’s Disney castle, no photographic/digital image just a light blue castle on a slightly darker background… nothing beats it.

Now I must go and root through my vhs’s to find a disney film or two… afternoon done.

Laters Taters

Comical Cousin Comments


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Hi Hiccups,

My family and I normally prayed at the alter on Easter Sunday … aka the pub.


…as you can imagine, where there is drink there is also a mass of random conversations and stories to tell while the holy water is flowing. One in particular came from my cousin, sharing that ‘The Women In Black’ is also a stage production….serious?

“yeah the women in black floats….well walks, creeps around the audience scaring those engrossed in the performance”

I’m quite intrigued by this idea, although my cousin had other ideas. If she were to come near her this would be her reaction ” F**k off Bitch..*BAM!*”

She isn’t one for scary films let alone live action theatre… not sure if it was my fault, taunting a younger cousin with horror films and walking slowing passed toilet doors….plus our house is known to give most people the creeps after 12am…Victorian ghosts have that affect.

Laters Taters

Year Through Windows… March


Hi Hiccups, A creative lull fell upon my eye lids and my fingers just did not want to create…..I have no gusto…no lusto? for making things, but it is creation that I love the most and it makes me happy.

The only other thing is the view of a sunset of fire on my way home or the moments before a days end out my window.

…maybe April will be different

Sky you lied … Effing cold

A photo posted by Emma (@emlaa22) on


A photo posted by Emma (@emlaa22) on


A photo posted by Emma (@emlaa22) on


A photo posted by Emma (@emlaa22) on

Year Through Windows… February


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Hi Hiccups,

Rain splattered views and wing mirrors.

Indecisiveness of the UK weather… what’s new.

Slightly warmer days appeared, but like a toe heading for the waters edge… it flinched away… “maybe i’ll come back later”

Monday sunset #yearthroughwindows

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Oh hai rain #wetworkmorning #yearthroughwindows

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Morning #yearthroughwindows

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