I’m getting itchy feet again….

…. i’m not content with this routine of work and home life anymore.

In a way I don’t think I ever was, life just got in the way of noticing it. Planning, orgainsing and preparing to move house for the 2nd time this year. Getting things set for Christmas… it was all the athletes foot remedy or calamine lotion that soothed the itch and preoccupied my mind.

This morning there is nothing more I want to do that jump in the car and go somewhere new.

In someways this thought and urge was spurred on by my email throwing images from pinterest at my tired morning eyes. A good photo and quote it seems is all I need to get my spark for travel smoking under kindling again… does this make me a follower?

To be honest I don’t really care if it does.

God, I need to go on some adventures soon.

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Year Through Windows… October 2015


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Hi Hiccups,

What’s this a blog actually on a Sunday?!

Hey, don’t judge, life got in the way as usual.

Bullets were bitten this month and yes they did leave my teeth aching a little but it’s fine, life is moving forward again. Hoping to keep it that way and maybe pick up a few projects that left at the bottom of the pile.

Fresh perspectives & all that jazz….


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Digital Detox




Morning Folks, Hiccups and anyone else,

How are you?

Good I hope.

Slight mental block yesterday, hence this photo of me being ridiculous and trying to pass it off as some form of creativity, the light was good, the need to use it was strong but my subject matter was being weird.

I think I need a digital world detox.

I watched this while eating breakfast and thought maybe in order to great my creative juices flowing (needed for Nanowrimo) i’d step away from digital during my evenings since I can’t at work ( Online Marketer and social media ninja).

As soon as I get back from work the wifi goes off, radio on and I shall read, write, film, snap or continue with the stupid amounts of projects I am working on.

It’s not really a digital detox more a social media one cause my life and mind can get pretty consumed by those 3 W’s like most of us.

So here we go…. day 1 ( i’m doing this next Sunday btw)

It’s gonna be good.

I’ll note down my findings in my trusty notebook and see if I crack at all.

Laters Taters


Autumn, Apples and Puddle Splashing


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Hi Hiccups,

Autumn is my favorite season and the best place to see it at it’s greatest is on a farm in the middle of nowhere, where there are more trees then people and conkers aplenty. Yes lovely people I spent the weekend back in the shire where the world was on fire.

Celebrating my sisters 30th ( also an engagement! ) as you can imagine there was a little too much wine consumed, we’ve always been told it’s rude to turn down a drink.

This post is a little short but sweet all the same, not like the apples I picked that were as sour as a lemon in sherbert… cooking apples, never the nicest until stewed in sugar.

Here are a couple of photos from my weekend, most of my feet due to having enough of selfies for a while ( selfie challenge completer, need I say more)

Laters Taters



FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 2

It’s a rule to splash if there is puddles present.

 FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 2

Hungover Hiatus

Hi Hiccups,

There will be a blog post up tonight I promise, I was just way to hungover to make my fingers type proper sentences yesterday.

In the mean time it’s 7:20 am and due to the clocks going back I didn’t get up in the dark this morning… yay! it’ll only last for a week though and then dark mornings of winter will be present for a couple of months.

Little tale from my week…

Wednesday, I went to the dentist finding it stupidly difficult to find a parking space to I opted for the side of the road. While walking towards the dentist a women stopped me and I generally thought, ” great she’s going to have a go at me for parking where I did” there wasn’t any yellow lines and to me that means it acceptable.

She did not comment on my parking but instead proceded to tell me how I looked exactly like someone she had seen on Jeremy Kyle that morning…….oh.

I wasn’t quite sure how to react so I went with ” well I hope she is my evil twin”  and went on my merry way to sit in a dentist chair for all of 10 minutes and pay £18 for the pleasure.

Laters Taters


Wifi-less Wanderings



Happy Sunday Hiccups,

I needed a break from the interwebs, it just gets too much sometimes. So I made the decision to disconnect for most of today and enjoy a Sunday the way I used to. No pings and dings of likes, comments or what Pinterest thinks I may like to look at *cough* Dylan O’brian *cough*

Things I did today:

  • Ran.
  • Walked through the antiques market in town.
  • Drank hot chocolate and peopled watched.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender

  • Browsed through books at the local charity shops.
  • Carved a pumpkin.


  • Almost stuck my fingers together with superglue…the pumpkin carving wasn’t as simple as I thought ok.
  • Cooked toad in the hole… Mighty baked also.


  • Watched Grimm.
  • Went for a walk through the countryside where we found a tree with an ear and flowers that looked like spiders.

IMG_0737 IMG_0740

A pretty packed day that had the added sound effects of mine and Mighty’s laughter, singing and sarcastic comments….

…and now I plan on putting the kettle on and watching Countryfile.

I need more days like this.

Laters Taters


…. it would be easier.



It would be so much easier to hate you….

…to channel all my past teenage aggression and write cruel, awful lines about you,  Jackson Pollock them right across my battered diary pages or headline them blatantly on my blog.

…but, the thing is I wouldn’t believe as single word or letter I let escape my pen.. I never could.

You didn’t even do anything worth the anger, you were just being honest, truthful and the completely amazing person that you are.

It’s not you it’s me.. as cliche and backwards as that sounds it is what’s going on. I simply can’t handle the truth, either that or I don’t want to believe it.

Stand me in a courtroom and honestly i’d lie, even with that little book present. I’d protect the truth, cover it with foghorn blankets, deafening the crowd, jury and you; cause you see if the truth never leaves my lips, never answers you, well then my darling it’s not a lie.

Can it really be a lie if the truth was never asked for in the first place…?

Year Through Windows… Sept 2015



12 3

Like I wasn’t going to take this shot… alright I didn’t Casey did but I directed.4 5 6

This is Monroe, he appeared when I moved in, however due to storms at the start of the month his two storey web was blown away and he has since packed up and left for pastors new. Still thinking he may come back but turn up in the flat somewhere.. much to Mighty’s dismay. 7 8 9

Ah yes, the 5:30am start was not high on my list of favourites.10

Let the misty mornings commence… hi Autumn are you staying for a while?.. I hope so.11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Hello Hiccups,

It’s now October and I am a little baffled by this, less than 3 months til tinsel time. However I am even more baffled, amazed actually that I have managed to keep a project going for this long, granted there have been times when there have been a few delays on the monthly updates but I have keep capturing everything this year through windows.

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, it’s weird my creativity seems to regain it’s spark; ironic when the leaves are starting to turn the round to a beautiful blaze.

Time for warm jumpers, hot mugs and rosy cheeks… warning I think my hipster comes out more during this month but I do love it so.

Laters Taters


“Storyteller with strong arms….


…and a shovel, who sometimes doesn’t realise the strength of her words.

Always thinking that like her punches of frustration in the 2am torchlight, the words written in ink and yelled with a broken voice just floated off in to the void.  No one would listen to a 25 year old that had only just walked out the door of her family home. Closing the door, weighed down with boxes full of memories, motivation and a few emergency packs of plucky courage.

Someone was listening though… that’s it someone was and that’s all she needed to know. That her words didn’t just go pop like that weasel, they traveled in bubbles on a summer breeze, reflecting colours like spilled petrol in the eyes of readers around the world.

Quite baffling to a 1/4 century girl.

A rather small girl in comparison to the world around her.

One just starting to understand how hard hits from reality can be. How they can knock the wind out of you or pull the chair from under your feet just as you were about to reach the top shelf. She’d been reaching for so long and finally thought she’s brushed what she desired with her fingers. Her tiny fingers, the ones with bitten nails, ones that can only just stretch over an octave.

Nails free from polish and showing signs of her childhood. Yes country life was buried under those broken nails, the dust and dirt of many summers adventures still trapped; there’s no soap strong enough to take it away.

Not that she’s want that anyway.

It makes her feel grounded, safe and certain that she can do anything, reach any height; like the tree she climbed when she was 8 or the wall she conquered on a year 7 trip.

Yes this little dendrophile is making her way, slowly but surely.


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